About Total Doors

We know innovation. It’s in our life blood.

Total Door Systems’ history goes back to the 1950s, when inventor Leon Yulkowski developed a revolutionary lock that became the industry standard and is still used today. You could say a fierce sense of independence and innovation were with us from the start.

About Total Door Systems

After revolutionizing the lock industry in the 1950s, Leon and Christine Yulkowski focused on developing a new kind of door system designed and manufactured as a unified system. Custom components, engineered to work together, led to the creation of Total Door Systems in the late 1970s. Today, under the leadership of second-generation CEO Patricia Yulkowski, Total Door Systems is the global leader in design, engineering and manufacture of integrated door systems and related technology.

TDS doors can be found in hospitals, schools, government and office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and other buildings around the world. Our patented door systems have fewer moving parts, reduced maintenance costs, simpler installation, unbeatable reliability, unmatched security and lower life cycle costs.

We’ve even led the industry with our  world-class Waterford, Michigan-based headquarters. With nearly 100 percent on-time delivery, sustainable manufacturing processes and the best efficiency in the industry, we guarantee our door systems with pride.

Full Design Support

We understand. Buildings don’t just happen. They start with a vision, are meticulously planned and built with multiple needs in mind. That’s why we provide full design support for architects and designers at no charge, and customized details and specifications for your project that ensure your project maintains the integrity of your design.

Learn and earn CE credits

Free online continuing educationTotal Door Systems is proud to offer AIA/CES courses to help you gain knowledge about how integrated systems work, and earn continuing education credits. Current courses include new code requirements for fire-rated doors and hardware (AEC656) and Sustainable Design in Steel Integrated Door Systems (AEC661). We also offer on-site courses. Contact us today to find out how you can participate!

Infinite possibility. Respect for your design.

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise the architect’s design for function or security. That’s why our systems accommodate nearly any design face, veneer or architectural metal finish while still providing unmatched longevity, security and lower life cycle cost. What do you want to create today?

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