At Total Door, innovation comes standard. Our doors are designed to push the limits when it comes to safety, security, design, and aesthetic appeal. What do you want to create today?

Custom Door Features

Full-Height Locking Channel

Locking-ChannelOur custom door features include a full-height locking channel that acts as a 5/8″ deadbolt along the full length of the door. Its I-beam shape rotates when open and snaps shut over the full-length latch stop when closed. It provides exceptional security on single doors and eliminates vertical rods, floor hardware, coordinators, astragals and flush bolts on pairs and double-egress fire doors.

The locking channel and hinge require no templating and uniformly distribute loads to the door and frame, increasing the strength, durability and abuse resistance of the door and frame.


push-panic-outFlush Panic Fire Exit Device

Our exclusive flush panic fire exit device offers the smallest projection in the industry, only 1/8″ with the door in the open position. This makes it virtually flush with the door face. When closed, it pops out to 5/8″ to meet all fire codes and ADA guidelines.

Panic devices can even use the same finish as the rest of your door, for a solution that looks and works better.

HingeActionFull-Height, Semi-Concealed Hinge

Our custom door features include full-height, semi concealed hinges, which fit easily onto any new or existing frame or to any flat surface, without any projecting knuckles.

Our double-egress doors can even be retrofitted into a standard pair frame. Our exclusive, dual pivot-point, semi-wide throw hinge allows the door to open a full 180 degrees and gives greater clearance width.

Up to three-hour rated pairs can be installed in standard rabbetted or cased frames.


Composition and Materials

  • Latch and hinge stiles are 16-gauge, electro-galvanized, bonderized steel.
  • 5 1/2″ top and bottom steel rails provide reinforcement for closers and holders, eliminating the need for through-bolting and are rated for positive pressure.
  • The locking channel is electro-galvanized, bonderized steel. It provides exceptional security on single doors and eliminates the need for vertical rods and other hardware on double-egress or pairs of doors.
  • The full-height, semi-concealed hinge is 14-gauge, electro-galvanized, bonderized steel with no projecting hinge knuckles.


Additional Door Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Abuse resistant and low-maintenance. Total Doors stand up to heavy use in schools, sports facilities, healthcare and institutional settings.
  • Meet all fire-ratings including up to three-hour, temperature rise, and “S” smoke labels.
  • ADA compliant
  • Intertek Testing Services/Warnock Hersey certified.


Kick PlateKick Plates

Like all Total Door hardware, kick plates, mop plates, stretcher, armor plates and hospital edge guards are installed at the factory. Our bonded, wrap-around design offers protection up to the full height of the fire door.

Kick plates are available in stainless, brass and dark bronze.