Cross Corridor

Cross-Corridor/Area Separation

We’ve made an art of fusing inspired design with exacting engineering and regulatory requirements. Total Door systems offer the perfect combination of high-traffic functionality with design options that blend into the background. What do you want to create today?

Complete Door Systems Engineered For You

Smart Design

Total Door systems know when they need to blend. Our concealed hinges, closers and flush panic devices combine for a streamlined integrated door systems that facilitates movement through high-traffic areas and demanding environments while creating an attractive design element consistent with its surroundings.


Total Door systems offer unparalleled security. Our full-height locking channel acts as a 5/8” deadbolt along the full length of the door and eliminates vertical rods, floor hardware, coordinators, astragals and flush bolts on pairs and double-egress fire doors. Our door systems also have the lowest smoke migration rating in the market, which is accomplished without the need of intumescent seals.

Infinite possibility. Respect for your design.

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise the architect’s design for function or security. That’s why our systems accommodate nearly any design face, veneer or architectural metal finish while still providing unmatched longevity, security and lower life cycle cost. What do you want to create today?

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